Children Giving to Children with NFTs: Change Ignited by the Fire of BurnX 2.0

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3 min readNov 4, 2021


“Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me.” — Mr. Rogers

BurnX 2.0 is seeking creative and artistic young heroes to make positive changes in other children’s lives during the 2021 holiday season with our Inaugural BurnX 2.0 Children’s Charity NFT (ccNFT) Drive!

What is more heart-warming during the holiday season than kids changing kids’ lives with the power of NFTs?

Nothing! We see the children and youth in your lives, and BurnX 2.0 is going to uplift those creative young heroes through the power of NFT art & charitable giving! What better way is there to do good & feel good than donating original artistic work to change the lives of children in need?

What is the ccNFT?

It’s simple! A NFT charity drive driven by the artsy children/youth and fuelled by BurnX 2.0. All proceeds from the NFT sales will be donated to a major children’s hospital.

How does the ccNFT work?

It’s easy! Ask the youth in your family to make some art and send it to the BurnX 2.0 Charity Lead, Dr. Kaiser. Email (high quality) photos or scans of the art to or send it via Telegram by direct messaging @serkais.

But, what kind of art?

All kinds! Drawings, sketches, illustrations, paintings, original photography, digital art & graphic design, sculptures & models, & crafts. Want to submit original written work or music? Great! Just make an audio or video recording of them performing their art, and include a copy of the written work, song lyrics or music, or theatrical performance selected.

What are the requirements?

All art should be made by children and youth under 18 years of age. Please submit high quality photos or scans of their artwork.

Why should my youth participate?

It’s fun! Making art is a great way to express yourself. Using that art to change other kids’ lives is transformational. Youth don’t need to be taught the power of giving back. They just need the launchpad to blast their creativity and desire to help into outer space.

What does my youth get for participating?

Exposure! Is your child the next Benyamin Ahmed or Erin Beesley? Specify the artist’s name, any links to their existing NFT or art profiles & websites, and it will be included in the NFT description. BurnX 2.0 will be shouting from the rooftops for all submissions.

What else???

The top 3 pieces sold win a pocketful of $BURNX20!!! Your children and youth donate art to change other children’s lives, and BurnX 2.0 will invest in your child’s future.




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